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I believe in “Strong Ladies” and can’t say enough about the excellent counsel and professional advice I received from Ms. Amanda Gail! Her genuine concern for my family’s welfare, and caring, thoughtful approach to my financial planning is what impresses the most. Trust doesn’t come easy, but her quality of service is above and beyond what we’ve experienced with other firms. The best part about working with Ms. Gail is the personal connection: during our interactions, I always feel that I was more than just another client. Her positive energy trans flows with utmost zeal and the passion she brings in her work is amazing. Without reservation, I enthusiastically recommend their services to our close friends and relatives.

Yash Singh Tanwar

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"I had an appointment with a nephrologist and turns out I have a genetic disease. I'm basically in beginning stages of kidney disease. Thankfully I tried for life insurance with you or else I wouldn't have known until maybe like 10 or 11 years down the road. So, I thank you for that."

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Financial Analysis near Alpharetta

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