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Passionate About living life on Purpose!! Connecting with self ??is very meaningful to me. When I am aligned with who I am is when my better serve others. I love to show others that life is meant to be lived in our most biggest outrageous dreams!! I am beautiful,strong & Well season with my own unique seasoning! I have not always felt this way it’s been and still is a journey. #1 my absolutely why is my family I am a mother of 6 amazing children. Breaking the old beliefs showing them they to can have and live  most epic lives as well!  I am so driven to share with the younger generations to begin young planing now can change your future. I did things backwards inside out and upside down. And it’s rough that way not impossible because here I am!!  We live in very different times as everyone can see. How do you choose to live your life? ( We don’t plan to fail, We fail to plan) One of my favorite sayings -Becky T

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Financial Analysis near Alpharetta

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