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Sarah's career path first began when she left her hometown, Athens, Georgia to join the Marine Corps in 2007.

After her enlistment, Sarah began to explore her options and found that she really wanted to utilize her passion for encouraging others through fitness, coaching, and teaching. After years of training and coaching athletes, she found that having the right mindset affects our ability to succeed under pressure, and this lead her to pursue her Master’s Degree in Sports Psychology.

Now, Sarah is an entrepreneurial mom who continues to create her own path by offering mental skills consulting services and has developed a goal setting planner that can be used to help people achieve their dreams. Sarah continues to stay committed to the veteran community by advocating for PTSD/TBI service members and by starting a competitive shooting program at her local VFW. Sarah is also a single mother of an amazing three-year old daughter.

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Financial Analysis near Alpharetta

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